Make Your Business Unique by Infusing a Social or Environmental Cause

World environment day concept: Human hands holding earth globe over blurred city background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of their purchases. In response to this, a growing number of business leaders are stepping up to the plate by making a solid commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Numerous entrepreneurs are taking it a step further by not only implementing a powerful CSR plan, but finding innovative ways to reverse the damage already done to people and the planet.

Infuse a Social or Environmental Cause Into Your Business

Infusing a social or environmental cause into the fabric of your business will not only have a meaningful impact on your work, but it can also help your company to stand out.

A social or environmental cause can be integrated into your company mission, vision, brand, product/service, business practices, company core values, sales/marketing, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility logo

The social or environmental cause that you choose will ideally complement the products/services your business provides. For example, a company called Bombas donates a clothing item to the homeless community for every purchase made.

cropped global warming and climate change water crisis scene on left side and abundance of nature on right side

There is no shortage of need―future generations will be facing natural resource depletion, climate change, air, water, and soil pollution from industrial development, deforestation, rising ocean dead zones, species extinction, a loss of biodiversity, income inequality, human trafficking, systemic racism, gender discrimination, overpopulation due to poverty, etc.

Overpopulation is a critical issue and as with many other social/environmental issues, poverty is at the root of it.

Poverty is considered as the leading cause of overpopulation.” Source:, Overpopulation: Causes, Effects and Solutions – Conserve Energy Future (, Accessed: March 11, 2021

Use the contact form below for a free copy of “Evolve: Changing the Purpose of Business” (a paperback version will be delivered via Amazon). This guide will provide simple tips on how to make your business socially and environmentally responsible. Businesses have the power to tackle both local and global issues. The world needs business leaders to become activists. Purpose-driven businesses can make the world a better place while creating value and earning healthy profits.

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