Ten Tips to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness sign with wooden cubes and flowers and stones
  1. Create a meditation room for staff to support mindfulness.

  2. Feng shui the office space to boost energy levels and productivity.

  3. Encourage staff to take regular breaks and go for walks as needed.

  4. Provide paid mental health days (in addition to sick days).

  5. Facilitate monthly staff check-in meetings where team members have the option to share how they are doing (personally and/or professionally).

  6. Promote work-life balance, a family-friendly schedule, and flexibility.

  7. Allow casual and comfortable work attire when possible.

  8. Permit staff to bring pets to work if it is safe.

  9. Create a library for staff to access inspirational and educational material, post a board of inspirational quotes, and/or resources to community programs, classes, mental health services, etc.

  10. Model a positive, solution-focused, and empowering leadership style.

Business partners walking down in office building and talking.

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