Attracting and Retaining the Right Employees

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Businesses that work to create a better world are more likely to attract inspired, motivated, and loyal employees. Naturally, selfless employees who care about the greater good prefer to work for companies that do as well.

The turnover of valuable employees can be expensive. Here are five coaching tips to help attract and retain good employees:

Believe in your employees.

Focus on an employee’s strengths and potential. Showing acceptance and trust increases morale, dedication, and performance.

Treat employees with the same level of importance, dignity, and respect that you would a business partner.

Create a safe space for honest, equal, and mutually respectful communication. Using an authoritarian communication style can come across as demeaning and lead to disconnection. A lack of positive communication and rapport can stifle an employee’s creativity and ability to share valuable ideas. An empowering leadership style will encourage innovative thinking and the creative flow of ideas.

Create opportunities for advancement.

Boredom and stagnation are a real problem. Hard-working, competent employees need to be rewarded with opportunities for advancement. Keeping an employee in a position that he/she has outgrown can result in the employee moving on from the company to seek out career growth.

Pay excellent wages and benefits. Employees are an investment.

Paying adequate wages and benefits directly impacts an employee’s health, well-being, and sense of dignity. Employees who do not earn living wages often struggle in survival mode. Poverty can cause psychological and physical harm. Keep employee morale high by paying quality wages.

Make work/life balance mandatory.

Burn-out is a serious problem that can lead to mental and physical health issues, workplace accidents, and low productivity. Flexibility, mental health/sick days and generous vacation time lead to higher morale and productivity in the longterm. Promote wellness by encouraging employees to maintain work/life balance.

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