Create a Purpose-Driven Business: Coaching Exercise

Black female boss leading corporate multiracial team meeting talking to diverse business people, african american woman executive discussing project plan at group multi-ethnic briefing in boardroom.

Use the Business Coaching Exercise Below to Integrate Core Values and Social/Environmental Initiatives Into Your Business

Companies that fully integrate their core values and social/environmental (CSR) initiatives into their brand, mission/vision, products/services, marketing, business practices, policies/procedures, and public relations will demonstrate to the public that they are willing to walk their talk.

There are a growing number of consulting and coaching agencies that specialize in helping companies integrate their desired social/environmental mission into their business.

Below is a business coaching exercise to help you identify and incorporate your company’s core values, and the social/environmental initiatives/causes that you are passionate about.

Choosing social/environmental cause(s) that align with the type of business products and services you offer may lead to greater success.

Step One: Every business should have a list of company core values posted in places that are visible to leaders, employees, consumers, and the public. These values help to shape a company’s culture and identity. The values should be updated as a company’s vision and/or mission statement evolve. If you do not currently have one, create a list of core values that reflect your company’s deepest priorities and what it stands for (e.g. empowering team members, collaboration over competition, compassion, environmental sustainability, etc.). Each key value should be supported with a short summary. Companies usually have between three to ten values. It is recommended that you research how to create a successful list of core values that sets your business apart and effectively communicates the essence of what your company is about. Business leaders can lead by example to keep the team aligned with a company’s core values.

Step Two: List the social and environmental causes that matter to you most, and that you may want to integrate into your business (e.g. poverty, homelessness, mental health, animal rights, gender equality, ocean pollution, climate change, etc.).

Step Three: Brainstorm ideas on how you can integrate the social/environmental cause(s) listed above into the mission (purpose), vision (inspiration/future goals), brand, products/services, business practices and/or marketing of your business.

Step Four: Create clearly defined, measurable goals to incorporate your social/environmental cause(s) into your business from the brainstorming exercise in step three. For each goal, list daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly action steps (if applicable) that you can take to integrate your social/environmental initiatives into the desired areas of your business.

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