Free Book Promotion: A Business Guide to Social/Environmental Responsibility

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If you would like a free copy of this short and simple business guide to social and environmental responsibility, please email the author at or use the contact form below.

Please include a valid delivery address (will be delivered via Amazon). 

Evolve is a short and simple business guide that provides helpful information on how to create a socially and environmentally responsible business.

There is a growing global movement toward sustainable business practices, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Studies have shown that today’s consumers prefer to purchase from companies that demonstrate a concern for the greater good.

Purpose-driven businesses are successfully developing innovative ways to tackle major social/environmental issues while earning healthy profits.

Corporate Conscience. People, Planet, Profit.

If you reside in the USA and have Amazon’s free Kindle app, an eBook version can be gifted to you for free via with a valid email address (this feature is only available in the USA).

Email with your request (or use the contact form below).

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