Changing the Purpose of Business

Evolve is a short and simple business guide that provides helpful information on how to create a socially and environmentally responsible business. There is a growing global movement toward sustainable business practices, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Studies have shown that today’s consumers prefer to purchase from companies that demonstrate a concern for the greater good. Purpose-driven businesses are successfully developing innovative ways to tackle major social/environmental issues while earning healthy profits.

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What is a Circular Economy?

In a circular economy, products and materials are reused, recycled, remanufactured, and refurbished to reduce waste. Businesses will often rent products to customers for a period of time as opposed to permanently selling them. This method not only promotes recycling but encourages a long-lasting relationship with customers. The circular approach to doing business more closely…

Make Your Business Unique by Infusing a Social or Environmental Cause

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of their purchases. In response to this, a growing number of business leaders are stepping up to the plate by making a solid commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Numerous entrepreneurs are taking it a step further by not only implementing a powerful CSR plan, but finding innovative…

Ten Tips to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Create a meditation room for staff to support mindfulness.Feng shui the office space to boost energy levels and productivity.Encourage staff to take regular breaks and go for walks as needed.Provide paid mental health days (in addition to sick days).Facilitate monthly staff check-in meetings where team members have the option to share how they are doing…